Monday, November 06, 2006


As planned, I saw Borat on Friday - hilarious movie, with some truly idiotic people. 2 of the 3 guys in the RV will never get laid again. If they do, I will weep for the state of the world.

Hit das poker on Saturday, and blasted through two token levels to get my $75 for the Big Game. Seriously, the level 1 token was a walk in the park. It helps when you start with AK, followed by AQ, then KK a couple hands later, and knock out the donktastic calling stations along the way. Level 2 was a bit trickier, but in the end, it didn't take much effort to get the token.

Then I tried again - level 1 no problem... level 2 - went out 9th after a boneheaded move.

Played some cash, made some, lost more.

Played The Big Game, and went out after the first break, but in a less-than-flatering position. That said, my call with A6c vs QTo did have me ahead until the Q hit on the flop. I think I'll live though.

Don't know if I'll play in The Hoy tonight. My Stars account is low, and I'm kind of sick of refilling it. I might do a little grinding or play an MTT or SnG to try and build the roll first.

I AM getting a hankering for live poker again though - Kat? Guin? Any interest in hitting the Wednesday game? How are you looking for the deep-stack this weekend?

And now today's 6-word entry. This one isn't mine, it's taken from Wired's Very Short Stories.

Osama’s time machine: President Gore concerned.
- Charles Stross


Guin said...

Would love some live action but going to the raptors game on Wed....

katitude said...

I'm game for Wednesday Astin...give me call (forgot to save your number, yet again) or email.