Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kids Like Games

The above title is obvious. Heck, I like games, and you like games. You know what sucks? Sitting in a bed, homesick, scared, being visited by people you don't know who poke and prod you, and knowing that something bad is going to happen. Wouldn't you want a distraction of some point? I know I would. Now imagine you're 12... or younger.

Child's Play is in it 4th season of operation. Run by the people who brought us Penny Arcade, it's a rather large annual tradition. Basically, in an effort to prove wrong the zealots out there who believe all gamers are murderers-in-training who contribute nothing to society, these guys decided to start giving something back. They have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of video games, toys, and other childhood distractions that are delivered to children's hospitals worldwide.

Why video games? Because that's what they know. Other people give money to help research something, or to build a wing, or any other number of causes. Child's Play knows games, and it provides immediate gratification.

So visit their site, pick a hospital near you, and buy a toy for a sick kid.

Want a more selfish reason or two? Because the type of morons who try and regulate video games are the people who try and ban online poker. Or maybe because many gamers end up poker players, and we all need more money in the pool. But really, the fact that you clicking a few buttons and dropping any amount of money in the bin can make a scared child feel better for a little bit should be reason enough.

I'm sending them a PSP and a game or two. You?


Guin said...

You are one hell of a guy Astin... don't know how you keep yourself so balanced while working in our crazy line of work.

I was trying to give something back by helping alcoholics everywhere by reducing the available supply of alcohol in downtown toronto. Now you made my "giving back" seem a little less noble....

Sort of like when I describe my line of work as making rich people richer... some don't see the nobility.

Fire me an email so I have your contact details. guin36 at gmail dot com.

Jordan said...

God I couldn't agree more. I had a professor for a Teaching and Learning class who has written several articles on video games being "teaching machines" training kids to be violent. Man did I get into some serious heated debates with him. I think my grade suffered a little bit too. (Google: 'Eugene Provenzo video games' to see some of the stuff he's done. He's even written several books. Two of which I was required to buy for the class, what an egotistical bastard.)

Anyway, just stopping by to say I finally got the Mookie post up, along with your addition to blogroll.

Have a good one, cya at the tables.

Astin said...

It's easy Guin - I don't pay attention to anything at work :). Naw, I'm in a good group that also happens to be a prop desk, so I don't have to deal with uber-rich clients with minimal trading experience.

My e-mail can be found in my blogger profile. Just click on the link near the top of the right sidebar.