Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm Not That Guy Yet

There used to be this commercial about gambling addiction. Guy would be playing online poker, and kept waving off his roommates/friends when they were going out for the night. "I'll be there later." I think they maybe had some comment about how he'd called in sick for work 3 days in a row too. I'm glad I'm not that guy.

Decent weekend - saw some good improv (much better than bad improv), hung out with friends, went to a birthday and hung out with more friends. Got to bed at 7am on Saturday/Sunday, and was woken by another friend who potentially needed to get together at dinner to mope over a possible breakup (didn't happen). It's this last bit that got me thinking. I'm trying to fall back asleep after another call woke me 20 min earlier on 6.5 hours of sleep (which is plenty for a weekday, but not enough on a weekend), and my friend calls. "What are your plans tonight?" my first thought? "The Big Game." My response? "Nothing."

I develop habits, and I'm lazy and a procrastinator extraordinaire. But my priorities always come family->friends->other. As long as poker stays low on that list, I'll be happy.

That said, my game has sucked but hard of late. Outside of my run a couple weekends ago (which, looking back on, was more me getting lucky and playing good cards than playing good poker), I've been in the tank. I'm down to $0.76 on Stars, $2-something on Absolute (which I'm just playing out anyway), $15-something on FT, and probably around $190 on Full Contact (but they're in a transition to new software, so I can't check). A far cry from my highs on all these sites. I'm antsy when playing... distracted. This makes for stupid moves and easy tiltability. I think I need to get a bunch of shit done, clear my mind, and plunk down and play with focus and a plan sometime.

Tonight won't be that time. I've got other plans, so the Hoy will have to wait. Maybe I'll see if I can fit a live game in this week.


Save the cheerleader, save the world. Can't wait.


Today's entry, after a bit of an hiatus:

She's cute... her roommate likes me.

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