Thursday, January 11, 2007


Not a bad night at all. It's late and this'll be quick. Only two games - a tier 3, in which I came 3rd for $124.50. Then The Mookie. Up until the final table, I played pretty solidly and made the final table in 1st overall. Then I started winning races and sucking out when needed and found myself deeper than I've been in this tourney. Almost lost it when my ladies lost to cowboys with two jacks on the flop... but scratched back to first. Then dropped again when my AJs ran into A7o - A on the flop, 7 on the river.

Tens were golden though and got me some blind to keep me afloat, and a pair of 6's that turned into a straight flush (which I completely missed!) and then this happened:

DQB!! Finally got heads-up with DonkeyPuncher (who got my chips with that A7o), and clawed up a bit (as in, he still had a 3-1 chip lead on me) before going all-in with The Hammer. Hey, I'd just folded the velvet hammer two hands before... how as I to know he'd have pocket 9's? Caught the 7 on the river, but it obviously didn't help and I go home in 2nd with $119 and change. Still, $19.80 spent, $234 earned... not bad.

This makes 1 Hoy Win, and 2nd in the Wheatie and Mookie (and a host of other cashes in all of them).. let's see if I can win each at least once this year.

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mookie99 said...

Congrats on the finish last night. Very exciting final table.