Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fearless Stupidity

Got into another Blogger 1/2 cash game last night. It was about midnight, I just planned on playing for half an hour and calling it quits. Put in my $100 and started playing.

Unlike Monday night, this time I played by the rules. I wasn't tired yet, and I didn't have 7 other things going on (only 2). I was mildly aggressive and it paid some dividends in small and medium wins. As 00:30 rolled around, I let it be known I was leaving soon (and I planned to stand up after that hand)... and found the ladies in front of me again. A raise got it down to me and Don again. Flop of 29J didn't scare me much, and I bet the pot to Don's check. He check-raised and I called. Turn wasn't scary and he put me all-in. I debated and called. It seemed to aggressive to be a set of Jacks, and I put him on overs or TPTK. Turns out he had the ducks and flopped his set, so I was out anyway.

If this was a tournament, I'd probably regret it more. While I'm not thrilled with being unable to get away from my overpair, and maybe should have turned up the volume on the voice that was warning me to be careful, I did get a bit more info on Don, which he will no doubt exploit in the future.

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