Friday, January 12, 2007

Always Room For One More

And consider this dismaying observation: this chamber has no windows, and no doors... which offers you this chilling challenge: to find a way out!

I signed up for Mansion Poker last night, despite the need for ID to withdraw funds. The way I see it, I've never withdrawn funds from any site (since, you know, I suck), and if by some miracle I made enough to make that worthwhile, then it would be a minor inconvenience.

I signed up for one purpose - play the $100k. 593 entrants (word might be spreading, but that's still a huge overlay) @ $100 each. I wasn't necessarily card dead, but it was a rare occurence that I'd get any action on decent pockets. I did manage to double-up at just the right time as the blinds started becoming significant, but then went dead again. Finally, with an M around 4 and KQo on the button with one limper in EP, I went all-in. Unfortunately, the BB called with AQo, and the limper folded HIS KQo. I didn't hit my 2-outer and went out in 195th place. I guess top 33rd percentile isn't TERRIBLE, but with the play as soft as it was, I should have done better. I'll call this a $100 fact-finding mission. If I find myself home in time tonight (unlikely), maybe I'll try applying some facts.

I did win a tier 1 though... of course, that's an accomplishment on par with successfully waking up in the morning.

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