Monday, January 22, 2007

So Crumbles the Cookie

Played live yesterday. $200 deep-stack that I went out 13th in (out of 20)... 2 hours of play. I was doing pretty well until my KT ran into a KJ with two kings on the flop and both of us slowplaying until the end. Oops. This short-stacked me and when I flopped 2 pair with KT out of the BB on a 9TK flop, I went all in and ran into Mr. QJo and his straight.

Unlike some of the previous 7 people (and many of those that followed), I didn't storm out, but sat around and watched the Bears/Saints game and then the Pats/Colts. A $60 freezeout started and I signed up and bubbled in 4th (grrr), when an old co-worker of mine flopped the nut flush and checked-called my all-in when my M was about 2. He went on to win with his dominating stack.

So what's a guy to do but drop $60 more in the 1/2 cash game to finish off his night? That lasted around 40 min (I never min-buy... but I still felt like playing and didn't want to commit), and I finally went home after being at the club for 7 1/2 hours. I think I'll stay away for a week or so.

I pointed out my mistakes above... my all-in ouster from the $60 was a desperation play that failed miserably, the rest I think were valid at the time. I'm not a horrible player, but I think I really need to buckle down and get consistently better.


I wonder how the blogger events are going to pan out over this week. I'd imagine this Neteller thing is going to lower numbers. That kinda sucks a lot.

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