Friday, January 19, 2007

Soft Serve

I know, I know... everyone knows the Tier 1 token games at FT are stupidly soft. But I hit a new high of disbelief last night.

Sat down at the computer around 12:40, Colbert report on (only reason I was staying up), and decided to fire up a Tier 1. Sound off on my machine, watching the show, and I KILLED the game. I'd time out because I missed that action was on me, I wasn't paying any attention to the donks around me, and I got to the final table in 23 minutes with around 44% of the chips in the game in front of me. The number of semi-bluffs (middle-pair with a 4-card flush on the board?) was unbelievable, and the people calling down with bad draws... wow. I think I knocked out half my starting table.

Final table dropped to 8 quickly, when someone was so in awe of my chipstack that they got knocked out while commenting on it. Then it sat at 8 as I decided to fold my way to 5th and everyone else just passed chips around. Finally I found a decent pair in front of me and called a small all-in bet to knock the button's 74o out (bad time for a steal I guess). 7. Then I knocked out 7th to get to 6, and finally 6 to get to 5 (someone had to do it). I had over 50% of the chips at this point, and the all-in fest (after 4 hands) found me finishing in 2nd to the only other player who seemed to know what he was doing, and got lucky when his T's full of 3's beat my 3's full of T's (T3xT3 :) ).

By far the most effortless token I've ever taken... and that's saying something. I guess I could have been sucked out on once or twice and it would be a different story, but this time the odds were in my favour. Not saying I played a genius game or anything, but I had the cards, and made far fewer mistakes than my opponents.

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