Monday, January 29, 2007


This Post MAY Contain Traces Of Poker - It Was Written In A Blog That Creates Poker Content.

It's not so easy to capitalize every word - damn my punctuational abilities!

Anywho, been a bit since I posted anything, mostly due to the lack of exciting do-ins a-transpirin'.

Look, sentence and line number 4.

Eh-Vegas is coming soon! Less than two weeks away. Not that anyone reading isn't reading Kat's blog as well, but it's been awhile since she's posted about it. It should be a good time... so come kick it T-Dot style! Or something.

Mansion switched the time of their 100k from 0300 GMT to 1600 GMT. What the hell? This relegates my ability to play in it to Saturdays and Sundays when I don't have something better to do. That hasn't been the case of late. I'll have to look into eliminating this "social life" thing. Oh, of course... no more US poker players = no need to run it so that they can play. Leaves us poor Canucks out in the cold... but it's not that cold, because we're tough. Why not 2300 GMT? I could have pulled off a 6pm start time.

Neteller - oooo... bad move guys. Now the poker players that were flushing their money out of you are pissed. You should have just put inordinate delays on transfers. Unlike Hoyazo, I don't think they're about to royally screw everyone over. They are a publicly traded company, so it's not quite so easy for them to close up shop and move to Sealand. Plus, they do have business (however dwarfed by their US business as it is) in other countries. I think it's far more likely they're closing the shutters to weather the storm, and are protecting their assets. It's tough to turn around in your next quarterly report and say "80% of our clients withdrew all their funds en masse." Mostly because some people don't speak French. The stock has lost over 80% of it's value over the last year, I'd be worried if I ran the place. This is month one of their year it seems... great way to start it off.

Been screwing up my Tier 1's of late. Haven't played too many, but got nailed when my great call turned into a bad beat in one, and when my cowboys ran into a set of twos on the flop in another. Smokkee and Surflexus were on hand to see the latter. I found it quite coincidental that there were 3 bloggers types randomly in the same Tier 1. All told though, the cash game was nice to me last night when it more than doubled me up in one hand (why would you think your pocket 8's are worth a $19 re-raise on your $12 bet pre-flop? Why would you THEN think that me re-raising your $30 bet on the brickish flop with an all-in push would be worth your call? Oh yah, cuz you're donkey, and my Aces kicked your ass when your river straight didn't happen.) I finally (I'm slow) figured out the beauty of the 1/2 cash games, play the multi-tablers. You'll always know what they have when they're in a hand - Aces or Kings. Take their blinds the rest of the time, and just be wary of the people only playing 1 or 2 tables... but they're fish anyway.

Lastly, I'm off to Israel I think in a few weeks. Visiting a friend there... wonder if he knows any good local games. I mean, I'll be missing a home game here where I'm some kind of defending champion or something... so I should make up for it, right?

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