Monday, January 29, 2007

Rinse and Repeat

4th in The Hoy again. As usual, 'twas the bubble. Somewhat unusually... Fuel done gone and sucked out on me to knock me out. AQh vs my AKo. Kh on the flop, Jh on the turn, Tc on the river, straight beats my pair. Of course, I knew the T was coming, and I was expecting it to be a heart.

Ah well... Fuel excels at the suckouts, he just plays bad, bad, blogger poker. I hope he can look himself in the mirror after this. :) Freakin' Canadians.


Fuel55 said...

Canadians shitting on Canadians is just ugly. Take your beats like a man!

Goat said...

That was a rancid beat for sure, Astin. At least you got your money in while you were ahead, unlike (cough) me (cough).

Good game from you, hope to see you next Monday.

Astin said...

Thanks goat (Julius? JG? so many options). Not the first bad beat I've seen, nor the last I'm sure... and I've laid out more than my fair share. I'm just busting Fuel's chops a bit what with all the complaints about the horrible hands bloggers play :).

Fuel55 said...

Bloggers certainly suck but I think it is more a function that we see the same people play over and over as compared to large field tourneys where you never play the same donkey twice. Thus the poor plays are more "memorable", if you know what I mean.

I certainly bitch a lot but when I avoid too many bad beats and lay a few of my own, poor blogger play works out quite well for me.

The best hand seemed to have a hard time winning last time.