Thursday, February 08, 2007

1/2 Hammer

Well, made it home in time to play the Hammer Day tourney. Even had enough time to sober back up. I have to say, I think I played a damn good game. I had ONE re-suckout (AQo vs K8s, K on the flop, straight for me on the river), and that was it I think. Picked my spots and played my solid hands, watched the table and made the right calls.

Got hurt pretty bad (4th -> 9th) near the end when my rockets got cracked by a 99 that found a set on the flop. Mostly my mistake, but I have to give "Saab 9-5" credit, he hesitated on the flop just right for me to read a steal/pair. At least I didn't slow-play. I stayed alive, doubling up a couple times, but eventually went out in 7th when I pushed my TT (which is GOLD dammit) over JoeBrooklyn's 45h steal. 332 flop. 4 turn. 4 river. IGH. SICK. But 7th out of 158 is fine, and $46.41 for $7.90 ain't bad. AND 7th place = 1/2 hammer, so that's just like 1st place in this one. :)

Sox went out shortly after when JoeBrooklyn once AGAIN sucked out with a 4-flush on the river. Man, some guys get all the luck.

Had a blast, HUGE field with the Riverchasers and Bloggers joining forces, and gets me all warmed up for this weekend.

P.S. - Bone Daddy just went out in 4th, thus eliminating the last of the bloggers... another one down and now we're heads up with Saab and JoeBrooklyn, the two people most responsible for my elimination... go Saab. Aaaaaaaaand....... JoeBrooklyn wins. Well, glad my chips did some good.

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