Friday, February 09, 2007

Take a Look...

... and you'll find a world of pure procrastination.... lalalala

Oh Mr. Wonka (Gene Wilder, not the bloggers) and your chocolate factory. That really has nothing to do with anything. Look not here for poker content - other than for the second day in a row I was eliminated on the river (this time AK vs A8 with A on the flop.. 8 on the river). I'll live. Just some random thoughts.

Like, why is it so hard to make the information I need easy to find? I'm off to Israel in a week, and need an International Driver's Permit to drive my buddy's car while I'm there. CAA (think AAA, now replace the A with C cuz I'm a Canuck) offers these, but to mail in the application with pictures and license copies takes 3 weeks of processing and mailing. So I wonder if it's faster (ie.- right away) if I walk into the office... main site says nothing. Once I make my way to the CAA site of South-Central Ontario, I finally find one line that says it will take about 15min to do it in person. Easy decision.

I also have a bathtub full of rigid styrofoam packing (from various furniture, appliances, and electronics), because my condo doesn't deal with it anymore. I want to find out where I can toss this stuff, but it's a pain to fine. 3 different google searches before I found a pdf with a link to the proper site (, but it's on a chart that's connected to something else). The place is a 10min drive away, right where I figured it would be... which is more than I can say for the info.

I want a Wii. I just can't find one. Apparently there's a big shipment coming in this weekend, Toys R Us will have a minimum 20 per store. I expect they won't last. I'm hoping Future Shop and Best Buy also get some stock - they're both infinitely more convenient for me... as is EB Games and The Source... and CompuSmart.... and HMV... and anywhere else. Did you know Loblaws and The Real Canadian Superstore sell Wii's? Me neither.

Eh-Vegas starts TONIGHT! Now if only we knew what we were doing. Here's hoping it's downtown and close to my place. Queen St. anyone? College? Richmond even (although I dislike clubs)? I'm lazy... and if it's up at Kat's, my probability of going out tonight drops significantly. If it's at my place, probability goes up :). Still, I'll be sure to kick ass AND take names tomorrow night. I wonder if I'm anathema to Jules at a live table as well... hmm...

Toronto Life is pissing me off. How many times do you have to pay for a subscription before you get it?

Bell is annoying me too. My cell plan expired last year, so I've been wihout contract since May. That said, they've maintained the status quo with my bills (same price, same features.. I can just leave whenever I like). But it's time for a new, smaller phone. This means new contract (or $200 more for the phone - not worth it). I've got a corporate option that would run me $25 a month + whatever asinine fees they charge. 250 min, 1000 eve & weekend, bell-to-bell calling, 6pm-9pm free calls (how odd)... Bell itself can't seem to match this, which is fine, but it annoys me that they aren't even TRYING. Number portability FINALLY comes to Canada in March, so maybe I'll hold out until then and switch to Rogers... we'll see who looks better. I like me them Sony Ericsson phones.

And finally... another pic from the Creatures in my Head. This one's a great commentary on you SHOULD play when you've got the nuts.

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