Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Matter of Perspective

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Despite exhaustion, I played in the Wheatie last night. Played a game of stay-alive for awhile, got lucky when I needed it, and eventually found myself in the final 4. Much like the Hoy on Monday, I finished in 4th. The difference this time is that 4th paid out, and my exit was mostly by choice.

As I said, I was wiped. For some reason, 5 hours of sleep a night isn't working as well as it did before I went on vacation. I also, quite stupidly, signed up for the 2nd chance. Why? Because I figured it was a cheap, safe way to try out limit stud 8 H/L. I knew full well that it would take forever, but I figured I could just donk off my stack if need be. Anyway, the final table on the Wheatie and starting up the 2nd chance was a bit much for my compromised consciousness. It didn't help that the final table as boring as dirt (agriculturalists, spare me the lecture) -- quiet, and the players were scared. I SHOULD have been able to take their chips with gusto, but I was too distracted by the 2nd table and its active chat window (Wil was at my table), and too tired to think straight. So after a less than stellar chipping away of my stack, I decided to push with a flopped flush draw and JTs in my hand. I figured if I won I was golden, and if I lost, then I was one step closer to bed. I lost, but was happy to cash and get away from the paint-drying. I love me this Tuesday ritual... good turnout, and frequent cashes for yours truly. I still want a win, and last night was probably my best chance if I was more into it. Oh, and Hoy and Jecii? 2nd night in a row without seeing pocket rockets once.

Meanwhile, in the 2nd chance, I learned that I apparently am the Limit Stud 8 H/L master. Actually, I confirmed that the best way to win is to want to lose. I kept trying to give away chips with marginal hands (not terrible ones mind you, I have SOME dignity), and kept hitting straights, 2-pair (all kinds of 2-pair, sweet jeebus did I hit them), etc.. and at one point kept a solid lock on 4th place. I'd get within chips of being knocked out and then hit the low, followed by both pots, and then find I'd be back in the top 10. I finally went out in 13th out of 35... missing the money by 8. I probably should have sat out and auto-folded my way into the money :).

That said, Wil was totally my bitch in the 2nd chance... I had him folding all night long. Granted, I did have decent hands when I scared him off, but I think he gave me far too much credit. I know at least once he had me beat when he laid down split jacks against my straight draw, but my naked K was too scary for him.

Mookie tonight? I think so.

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