Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Harsh Lesson

Went out early in the WWdN. Decided not to play the 2nd chance, then changed my mind. PLO. Played aggressively, got me some good hands, and sat at or near the top for a good chunk. Eventually slipped away, came back, slipped away.

Me: 9sAhKsKh - all in.
Hacker59: 5dJc8cJd

Flop - As 7d Td (48/52)
Turn - 4h (60/40)
River - 6d (0/100)

And out I went in 9th place. PL Omaha's a bitch. Just look at the percentage swings. I've learned something today. I like Omaha, but I know squat about it.


Addendum: I find it kind of funny that Hoy and I were trading 1st and 2nd place back and forth for the first hour of the game, and then we went out one place apart at the end.

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