Monday, February 05, 2007

It's Snowing Sideways

No, seriously, it is. Only 2-4cm forecast for today, and it's a bit chilly (-24 C with the wind chill). Enough about the weather.

Let's get the boring ol' poker content out of the way first. Ended up playing on Friday... Tier 1 that I got knocked out of, the 25k on FT where I went out in the 800's (being the first blogger out in our little girly chat), and then hung around until 53rd or thereabouts in the $2 rebuy... top 27 paid. The rebuy was fun, where I donked up a HUGE chip lead at one point by going all-in with paint and catching unbelieveable cards. I then donked it off with the same play... to the amazement of my table. "Some people like rebuys so much they go in with any two cards. *cough*astin*cough*. The 72o was a beauty." People just don't get the hammer. That said, I loosened up the table a whole bunch, and was above average when the break came. My usual play post-break worked fine, and then I got nailed by a bad beat and a bad call and eventually went down.

Now then. Stupendous Bowl anyone? Apparently the horses beat the ursine creatures. I don't get this interspecies violence. I'm sure Stephen Colbert will have much to say tonight. Sloppy game all around, sloppy weather, sloppy play, sloppy field. I guess Peyton deserved it, but I was cheering for Da Bears. I mean, c'mon! Lovie Smith looks like John Amos, and how can you not like John Amos? That said, Manning has one killer ice-cold stare when he wants.

What else? My new toy (see last post - Archos 604 wifi) is great. Now I just need to upgrade my wireless network so videos stream worth a damn. Music is fine, but videos are choppy at best when streamed. However, videos look fantastic when stored on the drive, music is good when you've got headphones (or, I imagine a full sound setup, but I haven't plugged the dock into my amp yet), and the web browsing is totally serviceable. A faster processor would have been nice though. Now if they'd just release their code like the GPL tells them too... or some hackers would get on it and homebrew some apps, it'd be golden. Major downside? The fact that MPEG-2 and AC3 need a "plugin" (read: generated security code to unlock the codec from the firmware) downloaded for $20. Should keep me occupied on my trip.

Isreal ho! I'm off in a less than two weeks to visit a friend. I'm really looking forward to it as it's the first time I've been out of North America in years, and I used to travel all over the world all the time.

And of course, Eh-Vegas THIS FRIDAY! Come one, come all to Toronto for the coldest blogger meetup of the year. Ok, I'll stop perpetuating the myth that's always cold here. It's not cold, you're just a pansy.

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Guin said...

yeah loving this weather... fire me an email at guin36 at gmail dot com to discuss the poker eh event at the end of the week.

I have my father in laws 65th bday party on the sat night and I can't do poker goodness instead of that and go to AC in march. Wife told me so!

So I am planning on going hard on friday night... what is the plan?