Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Melted Snowmen

First, one of those stupid tests. But hey, if you gotta be from ATHF...

I am Frylock from Aqua Teen Hunger Force!!

Which Aqua Teen Hunger Force character are you??

So, played in The Hoy last night against my better judgement. I was wiped from not enough sleep the night before. But, I was staying up to watch Studio 60 anyway, so I figured I might as well split my attention as usual. Short version: Went out in 8th when my snowmen got speared by Shadowtwin's hockey sticks when the hammer flop came down. [Insert Pokerstars rant here... I'm far too lazy to get upset over a $20 buy-in blogger game.].

Longer version: I was shortstacked at the time, having jumped to my usual strong position early and slowly getting chipped away until the blinds mattered and my stack didn't. I had strong hands to start, but then went card dead. The few times I did go for a position move, I'd be re-raised out. It's really quite sad that we're all expecting to get sucked out on (or suck out) when we're in ahead (behind) on these online sites. I don't track hands, but I'm tempted to just to run the numbers.

Hoy made a comment when I flipped over aces at one point that I got pocket aces more often than anyone he's seen in these tournaments. As I said to him, God favours children and fools. I think it's actually just a matter of perception. I see aces probably as much as anyone else, I just have a tendency to show them as well. Usually because (a) I get NO action on them and need to show my dissatisfaction of it, or (b) my opponent goes in the tank before folding and I feel I should throw them a bone (in the blogger games at least).

Anyway, The Wheatie tonight, Eh-Vegas this weekend... good times.

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