Thursday, February 01, 2007


Mookie last night. Out 14th of 50. Waffles is back to being my cheerleader, but unfortunately he wasn't around long enough to stalk me from table to table as is usual in the Mook. I took the very early chip lead when I knocked out an AK with my set of 7s on the first hand. I got some decent cards for awhile to maintain, and then went on a sick run where I got:

K9o that flopped two pair to eliminate one player, 66, AKo, KK (knocked out Fuel when I flopped a set), AKh, KJo, in that order, consecutively.

This brought me to nearly double the chips of 2nd place. My table broke and my new opponents had less chips combined than I did alone. This is where it started to turn a bit. I still caught some hands, but there came a strange mix of repsect and disbelief. People would fold to me with hands, but then go after me assuming I was being aggressive with draws later on. This resulted in perfectly good pre-flop hands getting called and chased off post-flop. I stood up a few times and got smacked down by perfectly valid outs. I soon found myself dropping in the standings.

One hand I don't regret was flopping two pair on the flop against pokerpeaker's nut straight, which I felt he might have (for no good reason), and figured he deserved my money if did have it.

I stupidly folded on the turn to 3:1 odds when I had 15 outs (inside straight, flush, set and aces for over possibilities), I miscalculated the pot odds and let it go. I blame FT's lack of a time bank. This hurt me enough to tighten up.

Then my KQo ran into a KJo that caught the J on the turn, crippling me. All-in with A9-soooted vs snowmen with no improvement and IGH.

Eh, that's poker.

Then I donked off $100 in a 1/2 NLHE cash game to finish my night on a sour note. I think I'll avoid the poker tonight, maybe tomorrow too... and most of the weekend. Considering next week is Eh-Vegas, I doubt I'll suffer from too much withdrawal. Besides, with any luck, I'll have a new toy to distract me.


pokerpeaker said...

Thanks for stopping by. Please don't think I was insulting you. You were doing exactly what you should be doing with a big stack. You WERE raising a lot - maybe what you think is a raising hand is not what I would consider a raising hand, which speaks more to my weakness as a tight player than yours as an aggressive one. But you had raised my blinds three times in a row, which is why I called you with K,Q - and then I just got lucky.
I understood that about your two pair. In fact, you had outs and I was probably only, what, 75 percent to win at that point? You handled it well.
You played really well. I'm trying to pattern my game after your style. See you next week, when I'm pretty sure I"ll be on the shorter end.

Astin said...

Oh, not at all. I'm just constantly amazed by how poorly people read me. Granted, JTo is a hand I wouldn't raise with 98% of the time, but with that stack, I felt like trying to steal a bit, so your read was accurate. Like I said at the time, you were ahead the whole way, and deserved that hand, and the win.

Congrats again.