Thursday, February 26, 2009

Early Night

In the door at midnight. Strange contrast when you see a packed street on Tusday, and dead one on Wednesday. Also annoying? When the Brazilian Steakhouse is having their opening party and won't actually be OPEN until Friday. Upside? Good food up the road. Fantastic rare bluefin tuna, although the noodles were unnecessary.

Touristy stuff for the day - Aquarium. Better pictures than last time.

I'd love a few days with city council to fix the transit system in this town.

This place used to be the richest city in the US per capita (1800's due to shipwrecking business)... the tour guide told us so... 3 times. Today? Businesses closing all over, entire blocks of homes up for sale, and cabbies talking about how they're glad they have ANY passengers. It's odd, because other than tonight, the place has SEEMED busy. I should note that the bars are still open and going strong.

Spring break hits this weekend we're told. The locals are running for the hills.

Still, we've met talked to some great bartenders, cabbies, and tourists. Truly, there's no place for the bitter and disenfranchised here. In many ways, I envy Al.

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