Tuesday, February 24, 2009

They Serve Alcohol Here

Happiness. That is what infuses this place. Except for our cabbie tonight, who was disillusioned, having moved to Austin from Key West in November (back for spring break) because this little island had become excess to the extreme.

Whatever. He has a point, but it's still awesome here.

Late day, fresh clothes, touristy thing #1 - conch train to introduce someone to the area. Then some buskers (two of us as volunteers... yay?), food (cuban... yum), drinks, more drinks. Neither Irene nor Irish Kevin could be found in their respective joints, but we may try again. 5 bars, 1 day... good pace.

Free hugs from strippers... she didn't look like someone I'd want to make physical contact with.

Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy). I'm pretty sure Buddy just sent his songlist to the local "musicians". Nobody seems to do anything original. Two days, 3 covers of Margaritaville... I think I'm behind.

Now if only we could keep the ants out of the bread...

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lightning36 said...

Wow - you are fortunate if you are having good weather there. We went a few weeks ago and it unfortunately was chilly.

Have fun!