Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Flotsam

Nothing overly coherent to say today, so it's all in bits.

- First and foremost - BBT4 is coming! Brit game, new Monday Riverchasers $26 game, Skillz, Mookie, and maybe some Big Games? Kickoff is March 1st, when I'll be in the middle of heading back home from the Keys. It ends May 31st... so much for Spring.

- Second and foremore - Eh-Vegas is just THREE WEEKS AWAY. Get your asses up here! Not that Kat, me, VinNay, and some Tuckfards can't have fun in the city by ourselves, but you'll cry yourself to sleep at night over missing it.

- Like the new Mac. Now that I'm getting used to the trackpad gestures and just accepting that my Applications folder is going to be a mess, it's becoming quite easy on the brain. Hey, as long as Full Tilt and Stars have clients for it, I'm happy. No, I'm not a Mac preacher, nor will I be. But Delicious Library is awesome.

- The desktop issue is slowly being revealed. After upgrading the Intel Matrix Storage Manager, it was able to verify that one of the disks in my RAID 1 setup was fracked. Sadly, it wasn't specific to what the problem was, but suggested reconnecting the drive so it could be rebuilt. Last time I disconnected a RAID drive, I accidentally disconnected my RAID 0 array, which resulted in a complete computer overhaul. This time though, it's all backed up. Let's see what happens tonight when I start it up.

- I'm off to do some advance scouting on Al's new home in two days. Well, not his actual residence specifically, but the bars, boats, and restaurants around it. Also, I won't really be reporting to Al necessarily, unless drunken text-a-shots saying "How hot is this bartender??" count. The downside? Al won't be there. Stupid timing.

- Dow is under 7300, S%P 500 is under 760... good times. Still not near the bottom.

- Some black dude who claims he's the President of the United States was in my country yesterday. People were crying, hugging strangers, cheering, and generally being orgasmic over Obama's 7 hour visit. People are pathetic. Still, a warmer reception than Bushy got. But one of the best lines of W's career was uttered here - "I'd like to thank everyone who waved to me... with all five fingers." I wish we had a likeable leader. Or even one with a personality.

- So much stuff to do before leaving. Place needs to be cleaned, batteries charged, groceries bought. My brother (not the one in Whistler) is house/catsitting while I'm away, which means the place has to be liveable for company. Yes, my place will be in better shape for someone ELSE to live there. At least I got my laundry done yesterday.

- Dell is willing to arrange a pickup for the laptop sleeve they sent me. Dell also called me to talk about setting up a high speed Internet connection with Bell since I bought a new computer (I'm already WITH Bell and I cancelled the computer... bravo Dell, proving once again your integration of departments is top notch).

- Donkament tonight? Maybe. Lots of stuff to get done first though.

- Logitech VX Nano? Looks like the route I'll be going for a mouse. Stupid RF.


gadzooks64 said...

I have a couple VX Nanos. Very nice mouse but hard to use for an extended period of time if you have hands of any size.

I picked up a couple Logitech MX 110s based on Gizmodo's love them and a sale at Amazon or Newegg.

I see why they like it so much. One helluva good mouse.

GL with the hard drive fiasco.

TenMile said...

with the Mac.

OhCaptain said...

See ya in a few weeks. It will be nice to head south for a weekend.

Astin said...

Ten - Yah, but Bodog is still not compatible with Canada.