Thursday, February 05, 2009

One Month Down

I didn't set any poker goals for this year. I often find that if I set a goal in this game, I come within inches of reaching it before crashing down hard. But so far, it's been going okay.

At the beginning of the year, I reloaded my Full Tilt account from effectively $0. I'd grown tired of feeding them after a couple months of terrible results. I also reloaded at Stars, but haven't played there nearly as much.

As of last night, my ROI is at 108%, pretty much exclusively on 45 and 90-man SnGs. Obviously, this isn't sustainable, but it's a good start. Maybe this year I can be a break-even player.

I probably won't be playing again until maybe Sunday night as I'm off to Montreal tomorrow for a bit of a work retreat. It involves expensive food, lots of booze, the Leafs-Habs game from a box, and whatever else one does in Montreal. Go team-building!

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