Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heroes - Hiro's Leaps In Logic

Consider this line your spoiler warning.

Okay, another not terrible episode of Heroes. They cleared up Peter's power situation. Does him telling Tracy cause problems in the future? Will she sell out his secret? Probably not... the writers aren't that bright. That said, Peter's alteration makes him more interesting I suppose. At least until Ando touches him I'd guess.

Mohinder gives Hiro the best advice yet - run. Hiro of course, refuses, because that's not what a hero does. Of course, he's dead weight for the time being.

Parkman can not only see the future, but has the African dude leading him to art supplies when necessary. That's some gift. Parkman will be the wild card this season, looking for revenge.

Benett is doing what he's doing to protect Claire and his family. Well, that's the opposite of novel. Naturally, he'll turn against Nathan and the government at some point. Probably shortly after Claire gets in trouble... again.

Nathan is realizing that maybe this whole sticking-people-in-camps thing wasn't such a good idea. Especially when those people have a variety of super powers that kick his air-Nathan ability's ass. Nice of his conscience to start coming forward after setting up the season.

And Mama Peterelli isn't too pleased with him. Well, maybe she should have thought about that before helping him out.

Peter is showing some surprising smarts again. That little "grab Nathan so he can fly away" bit at the end was clever. He's also become a bit of a rebel expert it seems, what with his estimation of cell phone tracking time, elimination of traceable assets, etc..

Speedy served her purpose. Does shot=dead? Who knows. Depends if they want Matt to go permanently nuts or not I suppose.

Sylar is still awesome. Now he has microwave-boy as his sidekick, which will likely result in a dead microwave-boy at some point. "And I let you live. Which is kind of a big deal for me." was the line of the show.

But Hiro... he sees a picture of himself protecting a girl in India and assumes that (a) she has a sword (huh?) and (b) this will get him his powers back (wha?). Man, I need one of those swords. Guess we're going to India! Which of course means that Mohinder is king shit for that part of the arc. I wonder if he's just as stupid in Hindi?

All-in-all, a decent episode 2 for moving things forward. The "look" continues to be better, especially the night scenes. It definitely had the feeling of all the pieces being moved to their appropriate places in this chess match. Now if the writers can show themselves to be more competent chess players than a drunken monkey, this could work for them.


Julius_Goat said...

I haven't watched yet, and I haven't read this post, but I predict that Sylar will turn out to be his own father, Tracy will die and Ali Larter will start playing a new character named Mitzi, Matt Parkman will be annoying, and Bennett will look shady and conflicted.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I <3 sylar. I hope he just goes back to being the bad ass that he is. KILL KILL KILL!!!!