Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some Nights...

Work finishes. I buy tea. I get a hair cut. All is well. I decide to swing by a couple retail places to see if I can find a laptop. Nothing impresses. I head to the pet store to get treats for the cats, they're out of the ones I want. I look at the only laptops that have the enter key where it doesn't drive me nuts - they're boring as hell. Lenovo Thinkpads = black rectangles. No big deal. I get home.

I turn on the computer. Dell responded - token weak apology that reads more like, "fuck you, we don't need your business." Start Heroes downloading, and go to get dinner ready. I blow a fuse. Here's the problem, the fuse I blew is the other half of the plugs I blew a couple months ago... still unfixed. No microwave, no toaster, no router, no cordless phone, no modem, no easy way to move them. I go to the fuse box. I check the fuses. As last time, the ones I can actually access are fine. Somewhere in there, I kill the juice to the computer. It resets and BSODs. It's rare to see a blue screen of death in XP. I reset. I go back to the fuses. I fashion a wire coat hanger into a handle to yank out one of the cartridge fuses that I couldn't get to before. The fuses are fine. Sigh. I try yanking out the larger ones, even though I assume they're for the fridge, stove, washer, etc.. They don't budge. I remove the entire fuse box case out of frustration. I pry out the last small cartridge that was inaccessible before due to broken plastic. DEAD FUSES! YAY! I replace them, jam the cartridge back in, and go test the plugs. THEY'RE ALIVE!! I screw the fuse box panel back on and get to making dinner. Turn on stove... do other stuff... butter isn't melting. Stove isn't on. WHAT THE FUCK! Clock on the stove is fine, elements and oven don't work. FUCKFUCKFUCK. I go back to the computer to look up the model. BSOD! FUCK ME WITH RUSTY FUCKING PIPE!

I reboot to safe mode. BSOD! IN SAFE MODE! I ask friend to look up BSOD error. Confirms my suspicions about Intel RAID volume verification causing the issue. I go back to the fuse box, perform some percussive maintenance on the big cartridges. Stove works now.

Make dinner. Pasta becomes clumps instead of unraveling into individual noodles. Sigh. Bring dinner to computer. After half a dozen resets and boot options, I get XP going. I cancel the volume verification... no crash? I hook up the external 500 gigger and start the backup. Damned if I lose all that porn a second time.

I go out of the 50-50 in the 500's on a move that I didn't need to make against a LAG who I had caught earlier. He wasn't bluffing the boat this time.

One hour left in the backup. I guess I could backup the C drive too. Or I could sleep for a change. Still no Heroes.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that my tickets to the Raptors-Cavs game on Tuesday magically disappeared from my desk at work over the weekend. Let's see if that gets fixed in time too. Part of me really wants whoever the fuck stole them to be in my seat when I get there.

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