Thursday, August 10, 2006

Against my better judgement, I played in the Mookie last night (signed up as seats were being doled out). 45 entrants, top 5 paid. I went out 15th I think, my Jacks, strangely enough, didn't hold up against Kaellin's Hilton Sisters. I'm not afraid to let Jacks (or anything else for that matter) go, but I thought I was good with the overpair after the flop. Silly wabbit.

I then got rid of the last of the donor money in a $1.50 Turbo... standard story there.

Then I decided to pick up the pace on my bonus whoring at Absolute. Blew through the last of my initial bank, and then reloaded and joined a $0.50/$1 NLHE cash game. Ups and downs, but in the end I gave away my $40. I've obviously lost more than whatever bonuses I would gain. Highlight of the night was of course the Royal you see below, although I only won about a $23 pot on it. The low was when my all-in Queens met another guy's Eights, and the flop came down 8x8 in record time (seriously, it's like they all dropped at once). I'm still sore.

I'd love to get into a tourney on Absolute... once I get my raked hands done, then I'll be in there.

Further coincidences:

I've "re-met" Kat through the blogger tourneys, and discovering that we were on the same talker many, many moons ago. From there I met Guin, and we all met to play live in Toronto. Here, I find out Guin knows the guy who sits next to me at work. Today, another guy at works walks up to the guy next to me and says, "I was playing poker last night, and this guy said he knew you guys." "Oh, you mean (Guin)?" "Yah!". While I was playing the Mookie, Guin was down the road meeting more co-workers of mine. Soon, he'll have all our money.

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