Friday, August 11, 2006

Ain't nothing Finer...

Than knocking an ass-monkey off your table. Missed the WWdN - Not by about 15 min last night, so I jumped onto Absolute to continue my bonus-whoring (halfway there after a rake-filled game last night). Plunked down at the $0.50/$1 NLHE table and decided to play loose-passive pre-flop (since tight-passive and tight-aggressive weren't working with the particular type of player at these levels). Post-flop I tightened up.

Anyway, up and down cash-wise, until some tool sits down with a good stack (>$100.. maybe $200?). Let me break down his play style:

Pre-flop: occassionally limp, more often min-raise, and fold to any big bets (but there were none, everyone was limping last night).

Flop: Call or put out small ($3) bets. On the odd occasion, min-raise a bet.

Turn: Check, or possibly bet $1. Call really small bets, fold to larger ones.

River: Check-raise, or if in postion, raise. The raise was always large ($25-$60). Usually more than the pot, or enough to put his opponents all-in.

Oh.. and lest I forget - HE WOULD WAIT UNTIL HIS TIME WAS ALMOST OVER. I'm not positive what the limit is on Absolute, but it's between 30 and 60 seconds, and he'd do this on EVERY. SINGLE. CARD.

He scared me off a big pot when I had 2 pair (Qs and Js), with the K on the board, when the A hit the river. A 10 wasn't out of the realm of possibility, and I'd have been out. Actually, I was going to call him based on what I'd seen so far, but my time ran out as I agonized over the decision.

He was pissing off the whole table, and once I finally clued in he almost never had anything, I went to town. I beat him for a $90 pot with a pair of nines (not pocket) against his K high when a straight draw and a flush draw were on board. This put me ahead of him chip-wise, so he was toast after that. Scared him off a pot when I had a straight, and then baited him into his usual style when I had 2 pair and knocked him off to cheers from the otherwise silent table.

So, with the deposit bonuses I've received so far and last night's visit by Mr. ATM, I'm now up about 44% on Absolute. Much better than being down a ton.

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