Friday, August 04, 2006

A New Beginning

A couple days ago I decided I was going to lose the last $60 in my Poker Stars account. Why? Because I'd completely lost track of how much money I'd put into the thing. It's definitely more than I'd like. I also wanted to see what my play would be like if I wasn't actually trying to win. Well.. it wasn't pretty.

Went out 14th in the WWdN - Not (congrats Slb and Kat). Not from bad play, per se... no cards to raise with, and outflopped when I did. I only partly remember one hand... the one that took me out.

I had some crap hand I either limped or raised with in a blatent steal attempt. T8o (maybe suited) I think. Flop came KJx... one heart. Bet.. call. Turn is where the 9 fell. Check.. check. Qh hits the river. Yay me! Straight! But wait.. flush draw on the board.

My thoughts: Naw... doesn't have the flush. No way he calls my bet on the flop with two hearts. Has a pair, maybe two. I totally have him beat. Well... I was right, he had two pair. King and Jacks... hearts. Sonofabitch, totally didn't see that coming. Was the hand that well hidden, or am I just a complete donkey? Wait, don't answer that.

Anyway, then to the cash game, against my better judgement. Won back my WWdN - Not buy-in, and then promptly gave it away. Then decided to dump my last $19.70 into the game and donk that off.

Then a donor who shall remain anonymous had to go and put cash into my account. There it sits still. An appreciated, but completely unnecessary, donation. I decided this morning though, that I shall, in fact, use it. I just have to figure out how. Since it isn't my money, I shall have to play well with it. Do I use it on a blogger tourney? No, those are -EV. Do I dump it in a SnG? Perhaps. It definitely won't be in a cash game. I'm leaning towards $1 SnGs. I SHOULD be able to do well in them... if I avoid les artistes de river. One thing's for sure, I shall play each dollar as if it was my last.

You see, I wanted to drop to $0 for a reason. I plan to now keep track of my Stars progress. Bankroll, w/l record... maybe I'll even give some of that tracking software a try and see how horribly I'm really playing (I think I'm too tight, and not aggressive enough). Now if I go and do it with someone else's hard-earned cash, I have added incentive to stick to it.

All that being said, I still have a healthy amount sitting in my FCP account... I should really play there more, even if I don't like the Pokerroom software. I do fairly well there, and the competition is good and keeps me on my toes. Plus, the smaller fields tend to work to my advantage (final position in the 7,000+ WSOP qualifier not withstanding).


slb159 said...

Lol...another blogger who's nick doesn't match his blog title.
Didn't know Sean Astin played poker!

katitude said...

I think you should take the money and play $1 SnG's uber aggressively. Blow it. Experiment with it.

Weak Player showed me this great exercise (for lack of a better word)...enter a cheap SnG and raise or fold only, no calling. Checking if it's part of a future check-raise.

It's great fun and good for getting used to throwing chips around more aggressively.

But that's just my 2 cents :-) See ya in 3 weeks!

Astin said...

slb - Neither did I, but as long as he doesn't try and take my login name, I won't be upset.

Kat - Not a bad suggestion. Force myself to do some re-raising and all that. Will have to see if I can win a MATH buy-in before it starts. ;)

surflexus said...

He does play ---> and he wants his name.......NOW!!!!! (hehehhe)