Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fire at Wil

WWdN tonight. Was feeling good last night at the Hoy... feeling good going into tonight too. Let's take a walk down memory lane. As usual, I apologize for no hand shots... I always forget to take them until it's too late.

Knocked out Maudie early on (2nd hand actually, my A8 two pair beat her AJ), which gave me 1st. This was 40min in, still there.

At the break.

I Was fighting with GRobman for 1st until I knocked him out when he ran his pocket 7's into my pocket Aces, and another A hit the flop to make sure. That made things a bit more authoritative.

I'd also crippled Sires earlier. First I flopped trip queens to his slow-played Aces. Then the next hand, my 65c turned a straight to beat his pocket 8's. I felt kinda bad.

Anyway, shortly after busting G-Rob, I was moved to the TV Table (Wil, Guinness, Loud, and a host of others). Here I was chided ever-so-gently. Wil was kind enough to nominate me to double him up... so he then went all-in with his KQo on a T-high flop when I had a nut flush draw. I got the A on the turn, and the flush on the river... meaning that next week:

So to continue my gloating. I was back and forth between 1st and 2nd for the bulk of the rest of the tourney. NewinNov at some point decided to start accusing me of bullying and stealing blinds. Perhaps he shall become my nemesis. I need one of those. If only he could see my hands. Poket pairs, lots of paint... not that he'd believe me ;).

Things started getting tight as we were coming up to the final table.

I held fast, moving up and down among the top 4, and got to the final four:

Let's say that getting there took a while... but getting to 3 took even longer, with the lead moving all around the table. When I got to heads-up with TransFish, we hit the 3rd break.

Heads-up was a disaster that didn't last too long. I don't know what she had against my A5d that I got on the first hand, but she raised all-in, and I just wasn't ready to go to war with that yet. That put Trans in the lead and she kept it. She'd call or raise my draws, and fold to my pockets. It finally came down to me having KQo when I was short, and going all-in into her pair of sixes. They held up.

What can I say? I think I played solidly, folded when I needed to, called at the right times, had the cards I needed when I needed them, and dominated for most of the tourney. It's my best WWdN finish to date, AND I get next week's named after me. All-in-all... pretty sweet. Congrats to TransFish for the win, it was well-deserved. As I said, I felt good last night, I felt good tonight, and it's nice to cash again and see my bankroll go up for a change. Staves off the next reload at least ;)

Forgive the gloating from a second-place finisher, but you take what you can get :).

Methinks I'll be missing the Mookie tomorrow night to play live with Kat, and maybe Guin if he shows up. The Donk2Shark looks interesting on Thursday, but I think I'll actually go play some games with flesh-and-blood friends that night instead. Maybe next week.

Astin out.

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