Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hit the local live game again tonight. Was card dead for most of the tournament. I think I saw one showdown (when I went all-in short-stacked), and maybe won 1 or 2 hands before that. The end to that came when my AKd ran into AJo... I knew I was dead. A on the flop, J on the turn... K nowhere to be found. Just the way my luck's been running in these things. At least it wasn't Guin who knocked me out. He went out before I did, and we never got a chance to play eachother.

He did, however, give me his seat in the cash game when he took off early. Put my $200 in, and played for the next 4 hours (about 2 1/2 hours longer than I'd planned.. whoops). Never saw $200 again, and ended up going home empty-handed when this happened:

I get dealt snowmen in LP, raise to $15 (1/2 NL, unraised pot, loose-aggressive table). Two callers. Flop comes 656 rainbow, right of me bets $10, I call, so does the 3rd guy. Turn comes 5, putting two pair on the board, and a couple possible boats. I know nobody has 'em because despite the LAGiness of the table, a $15 pre-flop is enough to scare off the crap. I bet $20... fold... and the question "How much you have there?" I get put all-in, and I call.

He flips over AKo. Someone calls the suckout (note: calls it, doesn't call FOR it), and the K hits on the river, sending me home far past my bedtime. FYI:
pokenum -h 8s 8d - ah kc -- 6h 5d 6c 5h
Holdem Hi: 44 enumerated boards containing 6c 5d 6h 5h
cards win %win lose %lose tie %tie EV
8s 8d 38 86.36 6 13.64 0 0.00 0.864
Kc Ah 6 13.64 38 86.36 0 0.00 0.136

It's all decision-based, right? Screw the results if you make the right decision. Still is teh sux.

Even though I lost, I left confident. Tired, but confident. This is a generally loose-aggressive group, with a range of abilities, too much money, and over-confidence. The two table captains weren't nearly as solid as they pretended to be, and nobody was able to get a read on me all night. I'd have pockets, they'd think I was drawing or coming in with A-high. I stayed quiet and in the corner, and nobody had any clue what I'd been playing, even though I'd fold limps to raises, and only saw a river if I had a hand. I think the ONE time I went to the river with a pair of 3's, and my esteemed opponent turned over a turned J, labelled me as weak-passive. No need anybody needed to know that 3 had a suited A behind it with 2 suited cards on the board. All-in-all, I'll cash big eventually, I just need some time to finish reading everyone... and some cards.

I SHOULD have left at by midnight, if not earlier... and the poker gods were letting me know by a variety of means:

(a) Not giving me any cards
(b) The odd occasion I got cards, missing the flop entirely
(c) Winning only a couple times, to bring me CLOSE, but not to my starting stack... just a test to see if I would leave with a not terrible loss.
(d) Sitting Mr. B.O. on my left around 11:30. Yah, it's summer.. but is it so hard to apply a little deodorant before coming out?
(e) Sitting the drunk & stoned guy who had no clue what was going on on my right not too long after. Almost every hand "$2 to call? Somebody raised? No? What's the blinds? I'm going all-in..." with an eventual fold. Or folding pre-flop, and then showing his Ace to the table so we'd be impressed he folded A-junk with a family pot, and THEN arguing with the dealer that it wasn't bad etiquette, because he's read books on etiquette. Or my favourite, with two big raises pre-flop, and much deliberation on his part, and the second raiser TELLING him he has Queens, calling... followed by a flop with a Q, and then eventually going all-in with QTo. Kudos to the dealers for not throttling the guy even though he'd forget to tip, would put his beer on the felt, and held up the game. I can take LAGs, I can take assholes who are full of themselves and their mad poker skillz, but I have a hard time with people who take forever on EVERY. SINGLE. HAND. Especially when they're in no state to be playing.

Anyway, had fun, made the right decisions most of the time, but rarely with the right results. I'll be back.


Guin said...

That did look like a nice live table... if my buddy didn't bust so often so early I would have been there for a few hours. The guy who wore that degree all in tshirt (said he finished 22nd in that) thought he was awesome. And I told him in two of the six hands I was in to not show his cards and don't talk about them while play is still on.

The guy had no clue... but the guy I love was the one to the right who likes to raise with junk. Friggen calling station post flop as he loves to chase. I just overbet into him when I hit hard and he doubles you up.

Sounds like you played it well but a shame that the six outer hit. Next time I will be in a better mood to win.

Guin said...

Hey just read your archives.... you played MUDs? I was a superstar on Gateway a long time ago.

You ever play genocide?

Astin said...

Yah, if I was playing with a bit more balls, I would've walked away up a fair bit. Missed one or two big pissing-contest pots that I would have won with top pair. But somebody mentioned something once about not overplaying that.

Degree-guy left for a few hours and returned to take drunk-and-stoned's money. I actually liked him. I have no problem with someone telling the table what they have (although him showing while the table's still live was irksome, and could have been called)... it's far better than buddy who did the "show the ace when he folds and everyone else is still in the pot".

Lots of draw-players there as well. No bet's too big when you have suited 3-gappers apparently.

As for MUDs, I played ONE MUD way back when, but the phone bill was killer (I think it was something like $6/hr for the online service, $6/hr for the one the MUD was on, and then long distance charges for connecting between the local and the one in Ottawa)... after that bill came in, I stayed offline for a year before I discovered BBSes. Never ended up getting into MUDs again, although I did like the one I played on. I think it was called Xplore or something like that.