Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Images don't seem to want to upload. So I'll keep this short and sweet.


2nd at 1st break
Then 1st... held onto for a while (until 5 left)
Then 1st bounces around between me and everyone else until 4 left.
2nd in chips.

- Dealt AJo on the button. Raise 3x BB. CC Hoys it. I call. AT3 rainbow hit. CC puts in his last 2 chips. I call. CC flips Cowboys, I'm ahead. Get the "gg" of death though. Q on the turn. J on the river. CC wins with his straight over my two pair.
- 3 hands later, I call an all-in I have covered with KQo. CC shows TT. 77T hits the flop. I'm crippled.
- 3 more hands later, I call a raise from BobRespert/Bobby Bracelet that puts me all-in in the BB (with 200 chips left). Q8o. SB shows Q5o. AQQ flop. 5 Turn. T river. I'm out 4th. Yay bubbleboy!

Tourney went quick after that. CC continued his best CJ impression somehow and luckboxed like mad (and, I suppose, outplayed everyone). He got a well-deserved 1st place in a tourney he decided to play because the WSOP day 1D was on dinner break. I shouldn't have made the crack at him at the beginning about him leaving soon to get back to writing. Stupid Karma. Wait... I'm sorry karma, I didn't mean it. Nice karma... pretty karma... crap. At least my chips were put to good use.

Ah well, I had fun as usual. My showing wasn't anything to be ashamed of. But my roll could have used the infusion a bit. WSOP qualifiers cost me a pretty penny the last few months. Not that I can't refill, but I hate seeing money go out faster than it comes in.

WWDN tomorrow? Perhaps.

*Edit: Just looking back at the past couple weeks. I give full credit to the fact the WSOP is going on so the field is thinned, but I believe I've had 5 final table appearances in 8 blogger tourneys... not too shabby (although to be fair, the WWdN - Not from last week shouldn't count) . 3 for 3 for the MATH if I'm right (1st, 5th, 4th). Now if I could just turn these into more money...

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