Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wheaton and Godard

Played in the WWdN last night. No, I didn't turn my $10 into enough for buy-ins, I added $100 to my account. As usual, had fun, played decently... and was the bubble boy, going out 10th. To be honest, I don't remember the hand that crippled me... there might not have even been one. I *THINK* I just had a case of having to walk away from flops and the blinds going up as my chips went down. Regardless, called Garth's all-in with KJo and an M of maybe 2 if I was lucky. Turns out it was a coinflip against his medium pocket pair. Figured when I put it all in that I was either going to suck out or make 9 other people happy. It's a good feeling to be so giving ;).

Enough of that. I picked up this baby on Monday. I first saw Michael Godard's art when I was in Key West a few years back. I loved it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any prints of his in Toronto. Then, last week while walking in Yorkville, I came across the gallery that previous link goes to. It happened to be open on Monday, and I walked in to find the largest collection of Godard in Canada. While I didn't feel like dropping $1200 on a limited edition print to put on my wall, the poker set was too awesome to pass up (especially when they offered it with no tax). I imagine I'll be getting the glasses and coasters at some point in the future too. For the gamblers, I highly recommend you take a look.

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