Thursday, August 03, 2006

Played live with Katitude and Guin. Good eggs both of course. Had a blast, but next time I've got to bring some game. Was card dead for most of the night. I think I got to make one move the whole night, and didn't see too many hands I could do anything with. To top off the tourney, Guin just HAD to suck out on me twice. However, as I always hope, he put my chips to good use and won the tournament. Way to go Guin!

The cash game after was a tough. Between further card death and uber-aggressive loose players, I couldn't do much. At least I had Kat next to me to talk to. Speaking of whom, while she was out first from the tourney, she ended up up for the night after the cash game wrapped up . Yay Kat!

Anyway, I'm up for more. Guess I should up the agressiveness a bit and increase the bankroll. Thanks for the fun night guys.

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