Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Crash and Singe

Played in the Hoy last night. Final tabled again (20 players), but went out 9th. I had 1st for a while, but a move I made that failed to come through (raise an uncalled pot with 86s, followed by an all-in that I HAD to call based on odds, and everything BUT the 7 falls on the board), started my downward spiral. Oh, I was still strong at that point, but my cards started dying and my draws weren't hitting. I don't think I did much wrong, just the luck o' the draw.

Then for some reason I decided to throw $40 into a ring game. Watched my stack slowly drop, then got it all back in a couple hands, and then donked it away when I should have gone to bed. I really need to work on walking away. Or maybe just not play cash on Stars, and stick to Absolute and FCP. Regardless, my roll is down again. Going to have to reload for the WWdN tonight.

Also played in the Moneymaker for the 3rd time. This time I just sat out for the first level, since it's a donk-fest for the first hour anyway. By the time I sat down (about 20 min in) 3,000 people had already gone out. That's nuts. Apparently though, all my cards came before I sat in (started with QQ, got Aces later on, all before I sat down). I went out about 30 minutes later when my AQ suited failed to improve against 66... another 1,000 were gone. Next time I play, I think I'll try the donkey-method... it's only 10 FPP after all.

I've decided that I really need to figure out how the hell to play a cash game. Tournament-wise I'm not terrible, but my cash game sucks, and as anyone will tell you, the real money's in them.

See you at the WWdN tonight.

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Guin said...

I find the only way to get good at cash is to stop playing tournaments for a while.

Just such a different mindset that as an occasional player you tend to bring some of the wrong ideas from one style of the game to the other.

Just my thoughts anyway...