Thursday, October 02, 2008

Are You Ready?

20 minutes until the VP debate!
20 minutes until the English Canadian Leadership debate!

Oh which to watch!


Re: Kentucky. I figured out what's bugging me most about it (and there's so much to choose from):

"Kentucky allows gambling at horse tracks and bingo halls and operates a state-run lottery. Blocking gambling Web sites, Beshear said, will protect those operations from online competition."

Once again, the attitude of "the free market is great... as long as it works for me" comes to the fore. Pathetic, really, really pathetic. But then, it's Kentucky, and who gives a shit about Kentucky other than during the Derby and when eating fried chicken?


I'm watching "Hole in the Wall"... there's a host that despises his contestants. It's kinda awesome in a totally stupid, trashy, talentless way. Put people in skin-tight silver outfits, make them contort, and get them wet if they fail... good formula.

Of course, it helps that most of them would find chewing gum a mental challenge, and can't think 3-dimensionally or outside the box.


Oh, and poker is back to sucking. Actually, poker is fine, I'm just sucking at it.

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