Thursday, October 30, 2008

Back In The Saddle Again

And falling out of it of course. So, in my quest for bankroll management, I put $11 into The Mookie, $5.50 into The Dookie, shipped $5 in a pushfest, and put $1.25 into a turbo SnG. I came in the 3rd in the SnG for my only cash... a whopping $0.55 profit! WOOHOO!

So my roll is now less than half of what it was when I started. I never said it would be GOOD bankroll management. The challenge now is to win a Mookie buy-in for next week. This could be tricky since I plan to go see a movie tonight, along with picking up a costume for tomorrow night's Halloween party. Saturday I'm either heading west to a friend's birthday, or north to a Tuckfard game (if such a thing occurs). It's a tough call since I've seen the Tuckfards more recently than this friend. Sunday is craps day! Likely the last craps outing before Vegas. So that doesn't leave much time to play poker. Good.

Actually, last night was fun. Some good chatter going at the tables and IM, standard donkish plays and amazing suckouts... the usual. The highlight of the night though? Cracking open this:

Lagavulin single malt, Distiller's Edition. 17 years old, double distilled. Damn is it tasty. Not the liquid smoke of the 16 year (good as that is), but milder, and just as complex, and still good and peaty. Especially served in this:

The first ever Canadian whisky glass (based on scotch tasting glasses, and made by Glencairn, who has a similar version). The description talks about concentrating the vapours in the neck, with the rim gently pouring the whiskey on the tongue. I'll be damned if they aren't telling the truth. My first sip was met with a nose full of scotch smells, and it was like butter in my mouth. Now I'm upset I didn't listen to myself and buy TWO glasses. I might just have to swing by my local LCBO and pick up a bottle of something else to get the $4 discount on the glass :).

Hell, take a gander over here at Taste T.O. for a rundown of the current Whisky Legends promotion at the LCBO. It's a better writeup than the press releases. I'm tempted to pick up the 30 year-old Canadian Club, but $180 is a bit steep for a Canadian Whisky. Anybody try it? Maybe the Robbie Burns Scotch for $50. I'm sure BamBam has already picked up The Glenlivet Archive 21 year. Maybe a rare rum or cognac is in order. Ah damn, I'm getting all mature in my booze tastes, and I haven't even mentioned the selection of ancient Scottish ales and small English beers I picked up. Not to mention how thrilled I am that Innis & Gunn is readily available now.


Fuel55 said...

I love the glasses.

Fuel55 said...

And quit stealing content and bandwidth from Taste TO

Astin said...

I like to think of the content as inspired by... and even then only the last paragraph. I'll fix the bandwidth thing when I get home and can actually upload stolen pics instead of linking to them.

And the glasses are great.

Greg Clow said...

Greg from Taste T.O. here. Sorry about the 'stealing bandwidth' images - we had a couple of really popular Blogger blogs posting hotlinked images from our site a while back, and it was wreaking havoc on our traffic stats, so we've now got Blogger and a few other sites blacklisted now.

You can feel free to snag copies of the pics and host them yourself, they came from the LCBO and various distillery websites, so we don't claim any copyright on them.

And thanks for the link. ;)

Anonymous said...

There is a game on Saturday and you are more than welcome to join us. If it tips the scales at all... it's my birthday as well (No gift required).

Katitude said...

Hey astin; drop me a line if you're coming on Sat.