Thursday, October 23, 2008

Missing a Rebuy

The NumbBlowMe $0.10 rebuy is tonight, but I won't be there. Why? Because I'm in week #2 of my two-week hiatus from all forms of poker. Bad timing on my part perhaps, but knowing my love of cheap rebuys, I'd probably blow my last $40 on FT on this one. Okay, 400 hands in an hour is... unlikely.

So have fun those who aren't not playing poker.

Interestingly, my last game of poker was at the club. Now things seem to be afoot there, but I'm not supposed to talk about it. It's probably a good thing though, for various reasons.

Vegas is looking to be a far more expensive proposition for me come December. My flight's been booked for nearly a month, but I haven't gotten around to booking a hotel yet (I figure I should see some more deals thrown my way come November), or a rental car. The problem is the damned dollar. The Loonie is down to $0.79 vs the USD, which means a 25% premium on everything that's in American dollars. Think about that, that's 1/4 more. I have some US cash handy already, but might need more. I'm debating on going downstairs today to get it, since I think there's still some drop left. But $160 hotel room is now $200 for me. A $5 craps bet is $6.25. A $200 1/2 buy-in is $250. These things add up. Stupid commodity-based economy and deflationary pressures. The flipside is that anything I win is worth 25% more! It'll likely be closer to 30% when I'm there, which would actually cover any withholding taxes... that's pretty sweet. So the plan is to win... lots. Screw all those non-gambling activities like eating, I'll be rolling hard eights and hitting midnight bets like it's my motherfucking job. Oh, and winning at poker too I guess.

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lightning36 said...

Imperial Palace rooms are still very cheap. Have you checked out the Harrahs website and the Hot Deals section? Rooms get even cheaper with a Harrahs players card with some points on it.