Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day N

Today marks two weeks since I decided to take a fortnight from poker. My return depends on when exactly I told Full Tilt to ban me from playing for 14 days. It could be in time for The Mookie, or it could not be. Regardless, here's what I've learned from two weeks away:

1.- I spend too much time playing poker.

I was constantly amazed when I was sitting on the couch with laundry running, cat chores done, food made and eaten, and some e-mail and web surfing done and it was only 8:30. I was far more productive without poker.

2.- Spare time is boring as shit without poker.

So it was 8:30 and I had nothing that needed doing. There was nothing good on TV, and none of my games seemed appealing. I could read, but I'm usually tired weeknights, and it would put me to sleep. I could watch a movie, but I didn't feel like it. I'd stare at the computer wondering what I did with a dual core processor OTHER than poker. It's funny, because when I DID play, I'd have 15 other things going on in the background, but when I'm not playing, I had zero desire to do anything.

3.- I'll stay up too late regardless of poker.

Still in bed around 1am or so every night. I'm not about to miss The Daily Show or Colbert Report dammit. Poker has nothing to do with my sleep schedule.

4.- I blow through too much online BR.

Not watching my bankroll dwindle daily for two weeks was a nice change of pace. I still only have $40 (and tens of thousands of FT points) on Tilt, but I care less.

5.- I spend too much time playing poker.

See #1

So, I'll be back at the virtual felt soon, but it will be as something to do to fill in the empty times instead of all the times. It turns out I have a pretty nice place, and I should spend more time in rooms other than the office. Of course, I could have realized this before dropping a grand on a new desk chair. At least I didn't buy the 30" monitor (yet).

It's still over a month before I'll redeposit on Tilt, and I can't deposit on Stars, so it will be 30 some-odd days to see how good my bankroll responsibility is. Dropping 1/4 of it on the Mookie might not be the wisest of decisions.

Now if only I had a convenient live venue. Any of you locals up for a home game in the future?

I'll be in Niagara on Sunday, but it'll be to throw dice, not bluffs.

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Katitude said...

I am always up for a home game. I might be able to rustle up another local or two.