Friday, October 10, 2008

Something's Happening Here

But what it is ain't exactly clear...

Severe lack of poker posts of late, but that's because you can only type "2 outer on the river" so many times before you get sick of it. Ie.- I just made a great call with a pocket pair against someone who only had A-high on the flop, and the board QUADED by the river. I give up. Also, I suck at poker.

So we'll talk higher stakes with the markets. I'm not sure quite what's going on today. The Canadian dollar is down HUGE (almost 3 cents) today against the US. This would be good news from an export standpoint if the US economy wasn't in the shitter.

But today once again had HUGE intraday volatility. With a decent upswing at the end of the day. This sort of uncertainty makes me think we'll see some up markets soon. Will it be the end of the down cycle? I don't think so (I think there's one more good multi-day downswing left), but it could be some short-term gain. Also, my vacation ends today, so I'll be back at work on Tuesday (Monday is Thanksgiving here). Expect the markets to recover with my return.

Oh, and the Canadian government just said they'll buy $25 billion of mortgage-backed securities from the banks. There's some speculation that this is tied to the banks refusing to match the central bank's drop in interest rates the other day, since many of them matched after the announcement. I think it's retarded. It's not a liquidity problem... it's a lack of capital since everyone's so fucking over-leveraged. Buy stock, or just hand them $25 billion, don't follow the US's asinine idiocy.

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