Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I've got me a full hate on for Full Tilt these days. It seems I'm on the doom switch rotation for the last couple months. I won't bore with (more) details, but I'll be damned if I redeposit on the site until December. So the $40 I have left will either have to make some money or I'll be playing on points or not at all.

I'd think I just sucked (I do, but not THIS much), except that I'm (very) slowly growing my unreloadable roll on Stars. I was so used to the runner-runner and 2-outer beats on Tilt that I still cringe every time I'm in that spot on Stars... but then it doesn't happen. I'm shocked! I thought that was Riverstars I was playing on. What the hell is going on?

So to alleviate all this online poker stress, I've decided to go play live tonight at the club. I realize I may miss the debate because of it, but one of those two options has to be less frustrating than the other.

If I'm home in time (ie.- knocked out of the tournament and in no mood to play cash), I might donate 1/4 of my roll to The Mookie, or I might not and just opt to get some sleep. Or maybe finish off Max Payne 2 (replaying the games since the movie is coming out this weekend), which is way more fun these days.

Oh, and it doesn't help that my chair, which I've had for years, has collapsed to the point of being unusable. One of the metal bars sheared right off, and another popped out for the umpteenth time. Sitting on a bar-height dining room chair is NOT an ideal situation for anything. It's time to invest in a real desk chair... maybe this one.


Anonymous said...

The TuckFard games are on Monday night... $40 can go a long way if your only playing $3.50 games.

At least when I hit my 2 outer on the river you know what I look like, you know you'll see me again and you might even have directions to my house... but after you punch me I'll still give ya beer.

Astin said...

True, I keep forgetting about the TuckFard games until about an hour after they've happened. I should try harder to make them.

As long as you don't start hurling darts at me in defense before I get the punch in...