Wednesday, October 15, 2008

OK Blue Jays!

Paul Beeston is back as the president of the Jays. Cito as the manager, Tenace as the hitting coach, Leyva coaching 3rd... hey! It's 1992!

Hey Philly, once you win the Series, we're taking Gillick, just so you know. I have just about ZERO doubt in my mind about this.

Jays = World Series champs 2010!

And they're probably still a better hockey team than the Leafs this year.


Riggstad said...

Gillick has anounced his retiremet after this season, so its not out of the question!

The dude is clearly a machine!

Astin said...

Gillick "retired" when he left the Jays too. That was 14 years ago, and lasted one season before he was with Baltimore. His old pal Beeston will get him on board for sure.