Friday, October 31, 2008

Good Booze and Bad Poker

I don't believe my booze collection was actually seen at Eh-Vegas this past February, so none may actually know its largesse. I've stated before that it puts many bars to shame, and I should really take inventory some time. Regardless, I collect. There are those who worry I have a "problem", but they often miss the mark. My problem is that I have a hard time not buying interesting liquors, not the drinking of them.

So naturally, I've decided that I'll pick up the Canadian Club 30 year-old Canadian Whisky. From all accounts, it's a rich, full-bodied option never before seen in our native drink (funnily enough, CC was actually started in Detroit until prohibition forced Hiram Walker to move his operations across the border and found Walkerville). It's a limited edition (only 3000 bottles made) celebrating their 150th. You only turn 150 once you know. I'm almost tempted to buy 2, one for drinking and one for keeping.

As for poker, I forgot a sad consequence of having no roll - the levels you play at increase the terrible play by an order of magnitude. I decided to spend a wee bit of time playing a $2 SnG on Tilt and watched terrible play after terrible play, the likes of which I hadn't seen since the early days of the Wheatie. The scary part is that if I actually made the "wrong" decision in a few places, I'd have been crushing the game. It's scary how much bad play is rewarded. When I have a roll again, I might try an extended expriment on making the wrong call in borderline situations and see how well I do.

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Anonymous said...

Next time you play at the $2 level let me know. Donkaaa, Kat and I are always playing the $2 Omaha game. What you lose in good play, you more than make up for in good fun.