Monday, May 28, 2007

26K of Fun

This isn't bad:

But it could have been SO much better.

I actually had more than that, and held on to first for a while. Bounced among the top 3, and then got KILLED when an AJo turned into a straight draw on the turn, and filled it on the river when my 3rd queen showed up. 2nd to bottom 5 in one hand. No Q saved me when I went all-in with AKo and met rockets next to me. JJT flop, but alas, no lady to be found.

Saw quad tens too.

But that was earlier on. A reverse Hoy overbet for value on the river ALMOST worked, but the man with AJ just couldn't call my huge bet. Ah well.

Found myself with Julius_Goat (who had previously railed me with Hoy) at my last table for a decent amount of time. He went from being a little stack between the monsters (me and 2nd place) to outlasting us both. Good job. Once he got some chips, he ramped up his game and became a danger on my right. Here's hoping he takes it down. He's 13th of 27 as I write this. Good luck!

And thanks to pushmonkey72 for reminding me about the 26k. If I'd made the final table, I was paying for your buy-in :). Ran into him in the $75 token frenzy (got that one)... 88 runners and I get dropped down on his left immediately. Quite the night for bloggers.


Goat said...

That was five different flavers of fun, Astin. You played better than 41st place, and you wouldn't believe the sorts of plays I saw even to the final table.

Bloggers, baby. ReSPECT the bloggers.

lightning36 said...

Great job, Astin.

Anonymous said...

I watched for a while after i got knocked out, very nice run, very nice playing. To bad you didn't make the FT, I need the buy-in ;-)