Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How NOT to Untilt

So I figured I'd try and win my buy-in to the Wheatie, or not play at all. Got creamed in a $12 Turbo SnG, and couldn't get more than a few bucks up in a $0.10/0.25 cash game. So no dice there.

Then I jumped into the $19K guarantee at Tilt. 1077 runners... out 252 or something like that. Hovering around the starting stack the entire time.

Walk away, do some chores, call some people (nobody around... le sigh), and then sat back down. Cash time. $1/2 NL on Tilt. $200 in.

Many hours later... down $200.

Built up nearly $100 quickly due to mr. check-call-with-any-pair or min-bet-every-board on my right, and me catching some really good hands. A bit of aggression also helped steal blinds.

Then... angerrrrrrr. A multitabler calls my pre-flop raise... I'm holding the aces though. Sweet. Absolute GARBAGE flop (T73 or something) and I bet 1/2 the pot... he calls. 9 on the turn, I bet 1/2 the pot again, he min-raises. Ok, thinks I, maybe he has pocket 9s, but that's out of character for a multi-tabler. Kings or AK is more likely with their type. Turn is a Q, he bets, I raise, he re-raises all-in and I call (have him covered by enough to lose)... he flips over... POCKET NINES! Damn me for not listening to my instincts. Suddenly I'm down a chunk.

Build it back up to $180 thanks to a set of 8's on the turn after a loose call on the flop against kings. Figure I'll build back to my initial and leave flat. Nope. Cowboys get folded when another calling station bets big on a river ace after I bet him fairly hard all the way down.

Build back up again... still not to the initial. Again throw away a solid hand on the river when the call-with-second-pair guy raises huge on the river when 2nd pair becomes 2nd set. Grrrr...

And from there I threw the rest away. All-in with $12 left doubled me up when my A caught. All-in with the new $24 loses when someone else's A catches. I finally call it a night far too late and far too pissed off.

At least I can re-load on Tilt, and I'm not broke there yet. But man was that annoying. I really need to force myself to walk away.

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