Friday, May 11, 2007

Hide 'n Seek Anyone?

Ok, I've been thrice-tagged - by Fuel, Kat, and Instant Tragedy. Here are 7 random things you don't know about me... that I'm actually willing to put out there. I fucking hate tag.

1.- I own a '99 Pontiac Grand Prix that I actually really like, but I leave it a 45 min commute away at my folks. My best friend's newer, more expensive car is parked in my spot downtown, because I'm nice that way. Also, I get to drive it. One day I'll break down and buy something new, but it will be small and make sense for downtown life, despite at least one friend trying to convince me to get a Porsche. Maybe a Smart Roadster if they ever make it to these shores.

2.- I took Judo for a couple years when I was 12, but like all things, I got bored and stopped.

3.- I was once a certified lifeguard and swim instructor, but like #2, I never did anything with it.

4.- I have, at one time or another, played piano, guitar, saxophone, and sang. I have owned a guitar (given to my brother who gets much more use from it), own a grand piano that is ALSO at my folks place (my condo lacks the space necessary), and will one day buy a sax I will likely never play.

5.- My mother had the opportunity to trade my youngest brother for two Chinese girls outside the gates of the Forbidden City in Beijing around 12 years ago. She turned the nice lady's offer down, but offered me instead. We remind my brother to this day that he could have been traded in.

6.- I used to be able to solve a Rubik's Cube in under 2 minutes... now I'm at about 3 min. As an aside, I own multiple cubes, a revenge, a professor's cube, a darth maul cube, a cube keychain, a mini-cube, missing ling, 5-link missing link rip-off, square 1, rubik's magic, and a variety of other rubik's-like puzzles. They're kind of dusty.

7.- Tragedy is right about me needing to get out more. I'm about this close > < to going crazy.

Who to tag next? Maybe I'll take the Time Magazine cop-out route and tag YOU!. Or I'll just follow Kat's lead and tag Guin and Joanne.

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