Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Productivity be Damned!

So, I really need Vegas, and it will be a great kickoff to a solid month of weekend parties to attend.

Our humble organizer, Falstaff, has his rough plans up. They sound pretty good.

I'm in Thursday night, 11:30ish arrival. Apparently anyone around should be good and tanked and bowling by that time. I'll swing by and see what's what.... if nobody's around, then expect 1am phone calls.

Friday HORSE at Binions just doesn't appeal... mostly because I suck at HORSE, I'll probably be hitting the 11am NLHE tourney at TI instead, and perhaps spend the day gambling.

Friday night - sure, mixed games sound as good as anything else... sure beats spending the whole day gambling solo.

Saturday - WPBT tourney for sure! Good dinner? Of course! Drunk at the Rio? Why not!

Sunday - I'm hoping to get out on the 1:30 flight, which means a noon brunch at the Wynn just ain't going to work. Damn. The next flight that's appealing to me is the red-eye, and that just ain't that appealing after all.

My only regret? No Ellis Island? Where's the cheap drinks?!

Turnout looks alright, definitely enough to cause a ruckus or 7. Guess my only issue is that of all the people on the list - Fuel's the only one I've actually met. Not a knock on Fuel, just that I hate wandering aimlessly looking for people I don't know :).


SirFWALGMan said...

MGM Friday night is a great ice breaker.. be there..

lj said...

hey, i also get in thurs around the same time. maybe we can find (make?) the party together

Astin said...

Works for me. I'm on Falstaff's list. E-mail him if you don't have it.