Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I've Had More Fun

Imagine me with a giant LED sign on my head, flashing TILT for a couple hours last night.

The night started off well enough. I fired up a level 1 peep to try and get into the MATH cheap, and was feeling far too goofy. Hammer as my first hand I got totally sucked out on by KQ. So then I calmed down, but couldn't make anything happen since I now had ZERO respect from the table. I fired up another one and played for real. At the final table I found myself with the chip lead next to Drizz and was able to more-or-less sit out to the token.

Meanwhile, I had signed up for the Memorial Day 50K and started playing that like it was the peep. My play was far too loose to start, but the double-stacks gave me some leeway. I was able to get to a respectable level and maintain for a while. It was very cool to find myself at a table with Lightning36 and Joespeaker though. 2400 runners, 3 bloggers at the first table. And we stayed there as long as I was in.

Then the MATH started, and I was in the right headspace for it. But I was at Joespeaker's table again, which made for an opportunity to chat about the 50k whilst it was going on. Also got to thank pushmonkey72 for the 26k notice since he was there too. As was Drizz again. The Full Tilt blogger world is getting very small apparently.

Then my computer froze in the second hour of the MATH when I had just raised with pocket Jacks and someone put out a significant re-raise. By the time I was back in, a couple hands had passed and I was down about 1000 chips with the blinds climbing.

Then I got mildly distracted and played like a donkey in the 50k. AKo raised pre-flop and called. Crappy board and I bet at it, and get check-called. I fire a second bullet at the Q on the turn (this is where the distraction came into play) and get check-called again. I figure I'm beat by someone with AQ. Then the K comes down, and the caller bets out for nearly all my stack. I, like an idiot, call, and he flips over cowboys. What can I say? He played it right, and I played it like a complete donkey. This pissed me off to no end since I could only blame myself.

So with only enough to cover the blinds and a little, I was all-in with A3c, which met AQo and KK and I was done, about 1017 or so out of 2300+. Considering I had just been up around 170th, I was not pleased.

MATH was still going though, and my stack was craptacular there as well. I managed to stay afloat but was now in a shitty mood and eventually went down with a not-so-terrible hand in 23rd I think.

I got up and walked away. No Wii too cool off with, as my controllers are at a friends, so I stalked around my place until my head was a bit clearer. Then I logged into my favourite de-tilting room - Full Contact Poker.

FCP was one of my favourite sites when it opened. It was on the Pokerroom network, and had a bunch of pretty solid players. The amount of donkey play seemed smaller than other sites, which means that people actually respected aggression and you seldom ran into someone who called down pot-sized bets with A-junk suited. Then everyone's favourite anti-gambling law came into affect and their network flew the coop. FCP switch to the Digital Gaming Network, and the number of players dropped to about nil. When I logged on last night, 700 people were connected. That said, the quality of players has degraded to the point where the fishing is easy, if you can find a school.

Throw in a small bankroll on the site (I have no intention of refilling it these days), and it makes for low-limit cash games with minimal amount of caring on my part. The only table with open seats was 0.25/0.50 6-handed NL, so I sat down and took everyone's money. People dropped out when I had increased by over 1/2 my initial buy-in and I left glad that I had managed to win SOMETHING to end the night.

Wheatie is tonight, but I don't think I'll be there. I'm still not in a great poker mood, and my Stars roll is getting dangerously low to be tossing $11 at a donkfest.

Will probably skip the Mookie tomorrow too, but Riverchasers is a possibility.

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