Monday, May 21, 2007

Something... in the wine

Well, I confirmed my status as a degenerate with a terrible addiction tonight by borrowing a friend's laptop and bringing it to a Victoria Day/friend's birthday BBQ to play in The Big Game. I got there around 8pm, and sat and mingled whilst I played once 9:30 rolled around. I managed to build up a decent chip lead by 10pm, when the fireworks started. I sat out and went outside to watch the show. When I returned 20 minutes later, I had dropped a spot but was obviously still strong. I checked the hand history and had just missed cowboys, folded AQo, and a flopped set on decent pocket cards. Ah well.

Nothing too special as I sat among friends and played poker, engrossing a couple of them. Everyone else started up a board game and were shocked when I said I was in for that as well. So I was eating cake, playing poker, and yelling out answers to Taboo with a drink in front of me. All told, bubbling in 7th place isn't the worst possible outcome. I won more than my fair share of races to get there, but the one that counted, when I went all-in with AQo vs pocket Tens, didn't go my way. Card death with a short stack on the bubble is not an ideal situation.

Had fun, got points, I'll live. Not sure if I'll make The Hoy on Monday or not. I'll be busy until after it starts, and I'm not so willing to drop a buy-in just to start at a disadvantage. Let's see if I can figure something out...

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