Monday, May 28, 2007

Tell Me Why...

Sorry, Boomtown Rats were going through my head for a moment. They were quickly replaced by Elvis... Vivaaaaa, vivaaaaaa Las Vegaaaaaaaaas.

Congrats to Le Goat for his 5th place finish in the 26k last night! That's over a cool grand in winnings for Groucho. I'm very jealous, but at least I know some of my chips helped him get there.

Yes, Vegas. Still haven't officially booked anything, but I'll be there. Just a phone call to get me listed on the flights, and a few minutes of effort to book a room and I'll be set. From what I've heard though, it will be a smaller than usual turnout. Shame. I'll try an make up for it with drunkery, volume, and excessive gambling.

MATH tonight, Memorial Day edition. Or as we call it here in Canada - Monday.

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