Wednesday, May 09, 2007


It appears I missed not three, but FOUR BBT tournaments last week. I knew about the 3 during the week, but didn't find out about the HORSE tourney on Sunday until Monday. Alas.

Regardless, this week I did make The MATH, and the points. I had a good-size chip lead after knocking out Alceste when my Aces met K-something. I knocked around my new table for a bit (including back-to-back hammers taking the hammerless flop) until InstantTragedy's cold meds got him cranky and Don decided I was just stealing after the break. Problem was I had 5 straight hands with either double-paint or A-decent kicker and no action before me (except once when I had AQo). Am I supposed to NOT play in that situation? Then I went card dead until I found The Hiltons in the BB. Don goes all-in, IT calls and I re-raise IT all-in (I had him covered about 3.5 : 1), he calls. Don with A5d, IT with AKo. So I'm just over 50% to win. K on the flop, flush for Don on the river and I get nada while IT gets the side and Don the main.

That hurt a bit, but was still less than half my stack. I didn't see much in the way of cards for an orbit or two, and suddenly the blinds and antes have me with an M less than 2. Shit. That was until I woke up to pocket rockets for the second time that night. Jecii goes all-in before me, I re-raise all-in and IT calls that. Jecii shows sixes, and IT has cowboys. K on the turn ends my night quite handily in 20th out of 54.

So it's obvious I have nobody to blame but Tragedy for my loss. Crazy doped-up patient-zero deejay :). I kid, I should have remembered that The Hoy is the home of the suckouts. Points are still nice to come back to.

No Wheatie for the 4th consecutive week for me as I was at the opening show of Evil Dead: The Musical (3rd round in it's home city of Toronto, first since its New York run, and my 5th time seeing it). I saw a preview show on Saturday and was given free tickets to last night's, and passes to the after party. Sweet. Severe lack of blood splatter on me though, so that was incredibly disappointing. I got good soaked on Saturday. If anybody out there likes cult horror films that have been turned into comedic musical theatre, or just likes to laugh, I strongly suggest swinging by the Diesel Playhouse during the show's run in Toronto.

La Mookie est ce soir. I have an early ouster to revenge.

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