Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Day 4 Down

Another quick post, although I'm using a full keyboard this time. Today I took a stroll behind a waterfall, took a few dozen pictures of people reaching for rainbows, and watched puffins, gulls, terns, ducks, and one seal live their lives off a cliff face in the north Atlantic.

Remember that link from a couple weeks ago wishing I could see something like it? I was there, I got the pictures.

449 pictures today. I'm well over a thousand, with 5 full days left. I don't envy me once I decide to pick and choose.

Finished the day of with some fantastic lamb here in Klauster. 300-400km to go tomorrow. Glaciers, more puffins, fjords and coast. It really gets interesting after that when we hit the north side of the country.

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