Thursday, August 16, 2007

Greeting From Akureyri!

Day 6 done. 882 pictures between days 5 and 6 alone. That likely puts me over 2000 so far, with close to 2 full days here, and 1 more in Nova Scotia. I´ve never been to Cape Breton.

Today - cold. Mountains are chilly when it´s overcast, you´re a few degrees away from the arctic circle, and there´s a bitter wind blowing off that incredibly powerful waterfall. 2 waterfalls, some cold, lava formations, pseudocraters, and the capital of northern Iceland... 260+km of driving. And sheep.. always the sheep.

Nice dinner of salted cod in a mango salsa (was torn between that and Kangaroo.. go figure), and my brother´s birthday. Fun times.

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